Diversity Mission

The goal of the Indiana Psychological Association is to recognize and value diversity, which we define as differences within identities including but not limited to culture, economic class/status, gender, sexual/affectional orientation, mental health, religion or spiritual affiliation, age, heritage, nationality, geographic region, capabilities, job, race, and family roles.

We strive to:
  • Create a positive environment that allows psychologists to learn about and explore issues of stereotyping, prejudice, and mistreatment of aforementioned groups in order to increase multicultural competency while promoting and recognizing diversity in its membership
  • Facilitate discussion through programs, resources, guides, and mentorship that enhance understanding and application of diversity within communities
  • Encourage collaboration among practitioners, educators, researchers, consultants, policy makers, and members of the psychological community to promote the advocacy and accommodation of marginalized populations
  • Increase accessibility of mental health care to diverse populations
  • Acknowledge and encourage others to recognize the limitations and unintentional attitudes and/or belief systems that may impact perceptions and interactions with diverse groups

IPA's Diversity Resource Guide