IPA Governmental Affairs Committee

Our Goal:
To advance and maintain public policy in order to safeguard the profession of psychology, protect public access to psychological services and identify important issues that may affect psychology and its consumers.

  1. Identify statewide mental health issues.
  2. Educate policy makers about mental health issues and how psychological knowledge and perspectives affect public policy, becoming a resource for legislators in all psychology related legislation.
  3. Increase the awareness of the IPA Board of Directors and membership of policies impacting mental health issues.
  4. Monitor, develop and promote state legislation that promotes the practice of psychology and access to mental health services.
  5. Influence public policy by formulating position papers and grassroots action plans.
Process for Developing and Implementing Advocacy Agenda:
The Board of Directors determines advocacy policy and is advised in its development of policy by the Advocacy Committee and by national trends identified by APA. The Board has authorized Advocacy action on the following issues:
  1. Scope of practice for psychologists, including attempts by other providers to expand their scope of practice to include the practice of psychology or to limit the scope of practice of psychologists
  2. Public access to psychology services
  3. Changes to coverage, access, or reimbursement related to Medicaid and other health insurers
  4. Compelling public policy issues which impact psychologists, their patients and/or accepted practice and ethics in psychology
Working within the framework identified by the Board, the Advocacy Committee monitors legislation and develops an action plan. As a specific bill is identified, the Advocacy Committee studies the bill to determine whether the bill fits within the identified organizational priorities or needs additional Board discussion. The Advocacy Committee may also recommend that IPA proactively pursue legislative remedies to problems facing psychology and consumers. The Advocacy Committee prioritizes legislative strategies, implements an action plan and reports to the Board of Directors at regularly scheduled meetings.

Governmental Affairs (GA) Committee Meetings:
Monthly meetings of the IPA GA Committee are held on the 3rd Friday of each month typically at 3 p.m. via conference call.  When the legislature is in session, the committee also maintains frequent contact through email and weekly conference calls, if needed to monitor progress and quickly respond to changes in bills as they move through the legislature. 

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