The Indiana Psychological Foundation was formed as a 501c3 charitable not-for-profit public Foundation on September 14, 2015.  The organization provides funding, scholarships, grants, education and awareness programs to promote to the public regarding behavioral health in the community.

The Indiana Psychological Foundation (IPF) meets its mission through the following activities:

Educational Workshops
The IPF was organized to provide educational workshops and events to educate the general public about the field of psychology and the concepts of behavioral health.  More specifically, the organization will provide information covering an array of behavioral health topics to ensure professionals in psychology and the general public are well-informed. By doing so, the IPF will provide informative programs and events to those both highly involved in the field of psychology and those more interested in psychology beyond common pop culture.

In addition to its educational programs, the IPF was organized to provide scholarships to students and/or psychologists who wish to pursue higher education.  More specifically, the organization will distribute scholarships to those who are engaged in undergraduate or graduate psychology, behavioral health, and/or behavioral health research.  This includes scholarships for research projects presented as Poster Presentations at the Indiana Psychological Association’s (IPA) Annual Meeting and Memorial Scholarships.

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Foundation Board Members
John Heroldt, EdD – Chair
Theresa Kruczek Ph.D, HSPP – Secretary
Gregory T. Hale, Ph.D., HSPP – Member
Scott Edwards, PhD, HSPP - Member