Upcoming Live Webinars

The Indiana Psychological Association (IPA) offers live webinars for continuing education (CE) credit. 


In 2019, the IPA will host live webinars on the third Wednesday or Friday every other month starting in February.  Time of webinars to be 12:00 p.m.-1:00  Eastern Time.  Registration is open for those webinars shown in blue below.

Neuropsychological Considerations in Treatment (Friday, 2/15/19) Presenter:  Dr. Elizabeth Andresen
Childhood Mental Health Disorders (Wednesday, 4/17/19) Presenter:  Dr. Sandra Burkhardt
Overview of DBT (Wednesday, 6/19/19) Presenter:  Dr. Aarika White
Treating Adolescent Self-Harm and Suicidal Behavior with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Wednesday, 8/21/19) Presenter:  Dr. Melissa Butler                  
Diagnosis and Treatment of Eating Disorders (Wednesday, 12/18/19) Presenter:  Dr. Cari Carter         

The Indiana Psychological Association (IPA) has also partnered with the National Register to offers live webinars for continuing education (CE) credit at a discount for eligible members. 


Beginning in 2019, IPA New, Premier, Platinum, and Emeritus-Practicing Members will receive a 50% discount on National Register Webinars.  Time of webinars to be 2:00 p.m.  Eastern Time.  Registration links available below.

Men and Masculinity (Wednesday, 2/13/19) Presenter: Fred Rabinowitz, PhD
Psychotherapy Relationships That Work: Evidence-Based Therapist Contributions (Wednesday, 3/13/19) Presenter: John Norcross, PhD
Role Conflicts and Emotional Support Animal Certifications (Wednesday, 4/17/19) Presenter:  Jeffrey N. Younggren, PhD, ABPP
*Anyone can watch this recorded webinar for free - no CE awarded*
Recent Advances in the Treatment of PTSD (Wednesday, 5/15/19) Presenter:  Mark B. Powers, PhD
Psychopharmacology Training and Legislation Update (Wednesday, 5/22/19) Presenters:  Drs. Beth Rom-Rymer and Gerardo Rodriguez-Menendez

FACT Check:  Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Wednesday, 6/12/19)  Presenter:  Bridget Beachy, PsyD
Youth Obesity (Wednesday, 7/17/19)
Treating the Child of Divorced or Separated Parents—Ethical, Legal, and Risk Management Considerations (Wednesday, 9/11/19) Presenter:  Joe Scroppo, PhD, JD
Patient-Centered Prescription Opioid Reduction:  A Toolkit for Psychologists (Wednesday, 10/9/19)

Past IPA Webinars
IPA members may watch recorded webinars free as a privilege of membership.  The links to the recorded webinars are provided in the (new) Members Only>Recorded IPA Webinars page of the website.  Members may self-report that they watched the recorded webinar for Category II CE credit.  

Treating Adolescent Self-Harm and Suicidal Behavior with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (8/21/19)
Overview of DBT (6/19/19) 

DBT Series Mindfulness
DBT Series Distress Tolerance
DBT Series Emotion Regulation
DBT Series Interpersonal Effectiveness

Childhood Mental Health Disorders (Wednesday, 4/17/19) 
Neuropsychological Considerations in Treatment (2/15/19)

Diversity (10/19/18)
Telepsychology (8/17/18)
Anxiety in Young Adults (5/18/18)
Sexual Issues in the Perinatal Period (2/16/18)

Trauma and Addiction (10/20/17)
The Mindset of Suicide: Implications for Earlier Detection and Prevention (8/18/17)
Mental Health Issues on the Rise among College Students (5/19/17)
ASD and More: Autism and Co-Existing Conditions Disabled (2/17/17)

Family-Based Treatment of Eating Disorders in Children (10/21/16)
Social Anxiety, Shyness and Social Success (8/19/16)