Diversity Mission & Resource Links

Diversity Mission
The Indiana Psychological Association is dedicated to advancing diversity and promoting social issues of diversity, which we define as visible and invisible differences within identities, including but not limited to culture, economic status and history, educational attainment, occupation, gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, sexual orientation, body size, affectional orientation, mental health status, HIV status, religion and/or spiritual beliefs/practices, age, race, ethnic origin, national origin, geographic region, capabilities, immigration status and family systems. Additionally, we recognize diversity of thoughts or ideas, lived experience, perspectives, and values.

Our primary goal is to decrease the gap in mental health disparities in the state of Indiana by increasing psychologists’ cultural awareness through:
  • Fostering a safe environment of inclusion that facilitates the growth of psychologists, and psychologists in training, on topics of intersectionality, stereotyping, prejudice, overt and covert discrimination, and general mistreatment of historically marginalized populations 
  • Nurturing/supporting a leadership pathway to strengthen diversity among all IPA members
  • Advancing multicultural competency of IPA members
  • Facilitating discussion through programs, statements, resources, guides, meetings, and mentorships that strengthen an understanding of diversity and its importance within communities
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration to promote the integration of advocacy, inclusion, and empowerment of marginalized and underserved populations
  • Increasing accessibility of mental health care to all people, regardless of individual identity differences
  • Improve available diversity training offered to mental health professionals and professionals-in-training, promoting the recognition, understanding, and/or acknowledgement of the presence of privilege, biases, systems of/dynamics of oppression, unintentional attitudes that may impact perceptions and interactions with diverse groups

Resource Links
IPA's Diversity Resource Guide